Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob

Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob


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An ophthalmologist is setting the vision of a multifaceted corporate business. A motorcycle enthusiast and champion of the prestigious India Bike Show is riding over a dozen businesses to super success. A renowned author of inspiring true stories is writing business plans. An educationist is giving philanthropy lessons. An ecologist is constructing an excellent educational environment for future citizens. A thought leader is echoing inclusive growth in an exclusively well-cultured institution. A bodybuilder is the brain building south Kerala’s largest small finance company. We are not talking about multiple people here but a single soul, Dr. Ashley Mulamoottil, a man who combines all these fascinating virtues and more.

To understand his vision,
get your vision checked

When Ashley, the veteran ophthalmologist and renowned and respected eye surgeon chose to build the best eye hospital in his home state, he preferred to establish that in a remote village in Kozhencherry where he was born, ignoring the commercial disadvantage and loss of opportunity. The Mulamoottil Eye Hospital founded by Dr Ashley is the best in South India with the finest technologically advanced facilities and has the singular goal of providing affordable quality treatment to every single person. When the marginalized and the poor get world-class treatment closer home, without having to travel to multi-speciality hospitals in metro cities, the characteristically ebullient Ashley says his objective is met.

Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob

a pioneering vision

Dr Ashley was born into an illustrious family of traditional Ayurveda Netra Chikitsa (ancient healthcare science for ophthalmology) practitioners, whose rich heritage and history of tradition go back 5 centuries. The young Ashley grew up watching patients coming from far and wide to get their eyes treated by his grandfather. Despite donning the regalia and crown of his family’s traditionally transferred ancestral inheritance and repository of sacred wisdom and knowledge in Ayurvedic ophthalmology, Ashley chose to pursue a disparate path in allopathy.

The high altitude degrees

Dr Ashley Thomas Jacob Mulamoottil acquired several medical degrees like MBBS, MS (Ophth), DNB (Ophth), M.Ch (Ophth), MRCOphth (London), FICO & FRSH and he went on to add a few additional degrees outside medicine like EMBA from IIT Bombay, MBA at Washington University at St. Louis & SELP from Harvard Business School, USA to his impeccable credentials. Despite scaling so high in academics, Ashley continues to be an avid student. He was fascinated with being first from childhood and has always achieved the numero uno status in everything he has attempted, be it basketball, hockey, biking, business or studies. His charming obsession for studies led him to establish one of the finest schools in the country with exceptionally meritorious facilities for both students and teachers.

at every step

Dr Ashley’s drive for excellence steered him towards shining in every field. Dr Ashley was not just an Honor student and Dean’s list award for the best MBA graduate at Olin Business School, USA, he was also the winner of the meritorious Beta Gamma Sigma honor for graduating MBAs and the winner of the Leadership Award from Washington University. Additionally, he is a Paul Harris Fellow at Rotary International. His commitment and dedication towards creating groundbreaking innovations in the field of medical surgeries made him the first eye surgeon to perform Bladeless Eye Surgeries in Kerala, earning him a distinctive place in the Kerala Book of Records. He was also awarded the prestigious Sir Ratan Tata award in Cataract Microsurgery for his brilliance.

Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob

School for today,
education for tomorrow

The Mulamoottil Central School founded by Dr. Ashley has more to teach than the syllabus it deals with. This 25000 sq. ft. smart school is constructed in a sprawling ten acres of lush green land in the lap of nature with cutting edge facilities but without cutting a single tree or altering the ecology of the ground on which the school stands. Ashley, the committed conservationist, has planted more trees in this wide green campus than the number of bricks used in constructing the school building. The school is home to natural ponds with many species of fishes, trees and plants from all over the world that provide a cozy, comfortable and convenient habitat for a variety of birds, making it a perfect sanctuary for flora, fauna and students alike. Each tree with its scientific name displayed next to it, helps the children recognize the plant and learn its botanical name.

The Nostradamus
of medicine

Dr Mulamoottil’s rich expertise, enormous experience, phenomenal knowledge, incredible passion, amazing analytical skills and clairvoyance have made him accurately predict medical trends like the Nostradamus. Just a month after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Dr Ashley had famously written on his social media pages that the best preventive solution for coronavirus was mouthwash gargle as it destroys the viral load and colonization of virus in the throat. A few months later, the researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, in the United States have officially confirmed the power of mouthwash in barricading COVID-19

the poor & marginalized

When Ashley began spearheading the family’s financial business, his focus was not to become the largest player but to become the most respected financial institution. His role and goal were to empower the marginalized and downtrodden. Under Dr Ashley’s perspicacious perspective and leadership, Mulamoottil Financial Services (MFS) have developed many helpful financial products to free the unbanked community from the clutches of mercenary moneylenders and to protect the poor with the warmth of secure financial backing.

the world digitally

Among the thousands of stagnant and moribund social media handles dumbed down on digital platforms, you’ll find the Facebook page of Dr Ashley, the most liked doctor on Facebook globally. His sagacity and his belief in the power of digital media made him one of the most sought after doctors on Facebook across the world. He adopted social media during its advent and accumulated a large fan base in its nascent phase. This most liked doctor on Facebook has also authored many books and articles, one of them of course is in collaboration with Facebook.

A versatile master

Dr Ashley devotedly follows the adage, “knowledge is power” and he uses that knowledge to lead people to the stairways of victory. After proving his mettle as an adroit surgeon, agile businessman, astute entrepreneur and an accomplished management graduate, Dr Ashley took over the reins of teaching the touchstones of success to his students. With his diverse portfolio of skill sets, he is today the Corporate Advisory Board Member at IIT-Bombay and a Strategic Advisor at Olin Business School at Washington University at St. Louis and a few other celebrated institutions.

Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob

The best doctor
for every business

Pioneering leadership and trailblazing innovations are the wheels that turn the vehicle of Dr Ashley’s success. His relentless pursuit to empower people through financial services, education, healthcare and other services makes him the leader to look out for. From business and education to healthcare, Dr Ashley has curative solutions for everything. And that indisputably makes him the best doctor for every business.

degrees & advisories
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob MBBS, MS (Ophth), DNB (Ophth), M.Ch (Ophth), MRCOphth (London), FICO, FRSH
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob EMBA (IIT - Bombay, SJMSOM), MBA (Olin Business School, WUSTL, USA), SELP (Harvard Business School, USA)bra
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Medical Director, Mulamoottil EYE Hospital
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Vice-Chairman & CEO, Mulamoottil Group
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Corporate Advisory Board Member (IIT-Bombay & Washington University at St. Louis)
  • Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob Strategic Advisor (Olin Business School, MO, USA)
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